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The philosophy of "the process is better than everything,"Corporate Culture & Values. Lasting, only excellence.
Future principles. We believe in the sustainable development of our company as a whole.

Making sports games more than rigid data

It is the very first brand for data analyses and promotions of online sports games with a scope including 7m, SportsDT and so forth. Additionally, thousands of square meters of modern working environments are provided for domestic and foreign offices both. Still further, the company is currently with more than 300 employees composed of outstanding and enthusiastic sales professionals whilst containing powerful supporting teams for both pre-sales and after-sales affairs. All facilities aforementioned aim at truly practicing customer services and CRM (customer relationship management) with high efficiency for enterprises, as well as offering scientific, comprehensive and intelligent solutions, which equal to service protections with the best quality for clients.

  • In August 2017, adhering to “providing professional customer services for enterprises whilst creating values for them” constantly, the Vietnam Branch is established in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • In March 2017, a group of young men carrying abundant hopes have formally stablished this company using their notebooks and mobile phones.
  • Sometime in the middle of 2014, a bunch of youngsters loving sports gathered.

Technology services sports, data change the future

In the TRON E team's years of experience in the market and the strong support of customers, in response to the ecological changes in the Internet, Fangsen also provides customers with customized data service needs, creating exclusive data analysis and one-on-one exclusive customer service for customers. Service, Our strong service team has always been the designated partner of major manufacturers.

We uphold the purpose of "science and technology services for sports" and tirelessly provide valuable data products and services for professional teams, sports media, fans, lottery ecology, and youth training. The company takes this philosophy as a guiding ideology.

Our Team


Dept. of Marketing

How is your website to find the best keywords for your network? Proper use of online marketing will greatly increase the competitiveness of corporate marketing!

Customer Services

Dept. of Customer Services

The customer service work has also been promoted from “a few employees’ hotline” to a customer service center based on Call Center technology.


Dept. of Advertisement

In this position of the marketing thinking system, advertising is actually an advertiser and a marketing person, and it should be seen in everything, isn't it?

Web Access

Dept. of Web Access

TRON E, with its rich experience in website integration, integrates the corporate website maintenance system and reduces the cost of subsequent maintenance of corporate website design.

Research & Development

Dept. of Research & Development

Multiple online game products, the design style widely welcomed by the market, in response to the development of the Internet trend and services have gradually become the core of the industry.

Computer Engineer

Dept. of Computer Engineer

To create a unique TRON E value, hardware and software engineers communicate, and then reduce the company's website design follow-up maintenance costs.

It is our firm belief that you may accomplish your dreams here in TRON E, and your future grows right here!

Games & Fun

Improvements on the user experience have always been the quest of our teams;
we achieve to be extraordinary with the design combining data feedback and high quality.


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Vietnamworks (Vietnam Branch)

We must believe that the strength of the team is far greater than that of the individual and must have a 1+1>2 team awareness.
As a member of the team, we should be happy to share our happiness, knowledge, experience, and information with others, and actively help the other members of the team grow and ensure the team's overall combat effectiveness. Only when the team is strong can we use the strength of the team to achieve greater personal achievements.


Talent is the source of the company ‧
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